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This site is dedicated to all aspects of Mexican culture,  life styles and Mexican stuff, we aim to show case everything good From Mexico and facilitate discussion on any Mexican topic.

Presently there are lots of things that you can discover concerning Mexican culture, traditions, literature, language, etc. Whether you are planning to travel to Mexico, are interested in learning the language, would like to know more about Mexican life, you will surely enjoy your encounter with Mexican culture and traditions. There is a lot to learn and a lot to be impressed with. Your journey into all things Mexican will be fun and exiting.

The initial thing to discover about is the Mexican historical past. Mexico has a lengthy history starting from Indian history to the historic period of Spanish influence to the present times. There are a lot of interesting facts in Mexican history that will keep you guessing while you are reading about different events that happened in the past. Your knowledge of Mexican history will make you more knowledgeable and will serve you well if you visit Mexico or talk to Mexican people.

Next you should learn about the language spoken in Mexico. This language is Spanish, although it is slightly different from the Spanish spoken in Spain. No doubt the use of Spanish language was adopted in the past because of the Spanish influence. This language is not hard to learn. It belongs to the same group as English language and there are many similarities in these languages. Knowing Spanish will also be very useful for those people who travel to Mexico or spend a lot of time with Mexican people.

It is also important to learn Spanish language for many people who reside in United States. Many residents of United States are of Mexican origin. These people immigrated from Mexico to US or were born in families that persevere Mexican culture and traditions. Many US residents will use Spanish as their first language. Some people for whom English is a first language choose to learn Spanish as a second language for communicating with Spanish speaking residents. Spanish language has been one of the most popular in US schools and universities.

You should also learn about Mexican culture and traditions. There are many unique traditions that will impress you and will keep you exited. It is interesting to know how these traditions were developed and what the history behind them is. If you know about Mexican traditions and culture, you will understand more about Mexican life and different actions of people from Mexico. You will also earn the respect of Mexican people if you show your interest in Mexican cultural life.

Another thing you should check out is the Mexican art, sculpture and architecture. You will find many impressive and interesting Mexican works of art, both ancient and present. Mexico has many museums that you can visit and explore to find out more about and take a look at different masterpieces. Whether you are an art lover or not, you will definitely be impressed with what you see.

Mexican literature is something else that you should pay attention to. Many Mexican authors wrote literature work that are considered masterpieces and are read around the world. Whether you like science or fiction, adventure stories or historical book, you are sure to find something that interests you in Mexican literature collection.

There are many places where you can learn all the things above. For example, you can visit your local Mexican cultural center, take a trip to Mexico, take classes in local university or read through different books and internet websites.

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